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Tree Removal In Grayson County

Tree Removal Services in North Texas begins with L & A Tree Services. L & A Tree Services in the Sherman Denison and surrounding North Texas Communities is very much a speciality in Grayson County. Removing large trees over homes, buildings, and driveways is a daily practice for our team of professional tree climbers. Being able to discern the health of the trees on your property means that we understand what a healthy tree is for your property. The decision on whether to try to nurse a tree back to health, trim or prune, fertilize back to health depends on the actual condition of the tree at the time we evaluate it's condition.

Storm Damage

Proper customer service and safety play a big role in our job description. L & A Tree Services understands how important it is to identify the reasons a tree needs to be removed. Let's discuss that for a few minutes.

Reasons To Remove Trees:

  • The tree is dead or dying beyond the hope of saving
  • Identifying nuisance trees that may hinder utility lines, serve no purpose in the area or need to be removed so as to not cause damage to property
  • Diseased trees or trees that have damage beyond repair and must be removed
  • Storm damages to trees in emergency weather or wind
  • Partially uprooted tress that have been hit, damaged by wind or fire
  • Trees whose growth impede homes, sidewalks, structures around commercial facilities, or damage roof equipment
  • Trees that must be removed for new construction

There are no short cuts in tree removal. The process may be different for each type of tree, size, or location, however the end result is the same. Breaking down and chipping branches, then proper removal of the main trunk is critical to proper removal. The size of the stump that remains above ground is a separate matter and can be addressed in the next topic in the menu. Stump removal and stump grinding are our next topic.


Texoma Trees - L & A Tree Services understands that quality tree removal is sometimes a necessity. Proper execution of quality tree removal may often be interpreted by the eye of the beholder, but what does not change is that the tree is removed safely, without property damage, and satisfies the criteria established at the time of the bid by the client. Professional tree removal is always a combination of the equipment usage, and the operator of that equipment. The right tool for the right job if you will. Renewal of contracts, new business, and customer satisfaction are required if one decides to remain in business. We value you as our client at L & A Tree Services, and hope that the work provided gets the job done, and done right the first time.

Core services like landscape maintenance, mowing, blowing, trimming, fertilizing, pruning and tree removal remain an important feature in being able to deliver quality results time after time. Proper execution means very little client turnover and lots of happy clients. Taking care of residential homes, commercial office buildings, shopping centers, large university campuses, or hospitals and schools is our business. Providing you with peace of mind in working with general contractors, builders, developers, unions, and safety are just additional reasons why we are a great tree service here in North Texas.

L & A Tree Service has a goal - Strive to be the best in the business. Our work ethic will clearly define for you why we set ourselves apart from other tree service companies. How we work, think, succeed, and that we are driven means we never call it quits till the job is done right. Call us today for an estimate for any of the tree services you need to have completed. We value your property's value and appearance. Call us today at L & A Tree Services 903-357-9292.